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Freddie Mac Foundation Adoption Expo

View the NBC4 story and the Wednesday's Child Pratt family success story

The Freddie Mac Foundation recently hosted its 3rd Adoption Expo in Washington, D.C., to guide parents on their adoption journey and to help find homes for children in need.

Participants attended workshops like “Adoption from A to Z”, met families who’ve adopted, and talked to more than 35 experts in the field – from adoption agencies, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the U.S. Department of State among other organizations.

Families like the Pratts shared their experiences of adopting from foster care. Carol Pratt adopted three siblings after seeing them nine years ago on Wednesday’s Child. Now 12-years-old, daughter Brianna says the best thing about being adopted is “being a family and having people to take care of you.” She says she was so happy to “be able to stay with her brothers”.

The Pratt family with NBC4 Wednesday’s Child host Barbara Harrison (center)

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