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New Orleans Housing Community With Services Opens

Ralph Boyd, Jr., gives a young resident a lift at the new Community Center.  Jadah’s family had no permanent housing before finding a home in Walnut Square.

The Freddie Mac Foundation recently celebrated the opening of Walnut Square, an affordable housing complex and community center in East New Orleans.  Our investment is bringing critical services to lower income families living in the 209 units, in an area hard hit by Hurricane Katrina.   The original housing complex was destroyed during the disaster.  Walnut Square is a program of the National Housing Partnership Foundation.

Residents have access to a computer lab, parenting education, job training and workforce development activities.  There is also a health and fitness program, with a gym, healthy lifestyle education and free health screenings. 

Walnut Square also offers an after-school program for children and a program for teens.  The after-school curriculum, developed with Freddie Mac Foundation funding, is now being replicated on the West Coast in 23 affordable housing complexes. 

“Affordable housing with critical resident services is key to recovery in New Orleans, and to helping struggling families get back on their feet and become self-sufficient,” said Ralph Boyd, Jr., president and CEO of the Freddie Mac Foundation. 

This type of investment and housing model is what the Foundation focuses on:  teaming up with community partners to provide onsite, supportive services for low-income residents in affordable housing.  Nationwide, this model has gained momentum because of its clear results in helping to stabilize families and neighborhoods. 

Freddie Mac and the Freddie Mac Foundation have invested more than $21 million to support hurricane relief efforts, and to help rebuild and revitalize New Orleans through housing with services.  Freddie Mac helped fund housing for thousands of families, through its $1 billion investment in state and local mortgage revenue bonds.

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