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J.C. Nalle Community School

Thanks to more than $7 million in Foundation grants–as well as thousands of volunteer hours from Freddie Mac employees–J.C. Nalle Community School in the Marshall Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C. has become a full service community school. As one of our two signature programs, the school is an important example of the kind of long-term, integrated and comprehensive initiatives we support for children, families and communities.

Our grants to the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) allow this private, nonprofit child and family welfare agency to take a lead role in providing much-needed services to J.C. Nalle. In this capacity, NCCF is engaging school faculty and parents to combine curriculum innovations with services such as:

  • an extended-day program providing math and English, tutoring and other activities;
  • physical and mental health care;
  • social services;
  • cultural and recreational programs;
  • summer programs;
  • tutoring;
  • parent involvement and adult education classes.

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